Andrew Neher

+=- still here -=+

Designer, artist, musician and currator in Chicago, IL. This is a placeholder for something interesting. Why this is here? I get tired of paying for a service.

Think of this as a temporary 404 Placeholder. Nothing special to see here yet..

I Wear Many Hats

All of Them Worn Before

Just missed the 70s. Traded Garbage Pal Kids in the suburbs of Minneapolis as a kid, played in punk and ska bands as a teenager, learned about art and design in college, traveled and worked as an information designer in the roaring 00s. Hoping to remember to relax as we surf the cusp of uncertainty. Sometimes I think about this, this, and this.

But sometimes I just HEM and HAW about our place on the verge of a society experiencing imminent collapse.

This is what I look like:

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